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Timmery Hall

Boot Camp training paid off for Half-Marathon runner!

How much progress has Timmery Hall made in the past year at the North Lincoln Fit Body Boot Camp? Two weeks ago, it became clear when the 26-year- old schoolteacher compared her 2018 vs. 2017 Lincoln Half-Marathon times. Competing in the 13.1-mile race May 6, the Lincoln runner finished the course in 2 hours and 19 minutes, cutting a whopping 15 minutes off her 2017 pace.

Her improved condition contributed to her improved time. “I was hoping for improvement… my goal was to make it beyond the nine-mile mark without stopping.”

After a year of working out, she bore little resemblance this year to the runner who managed to finish her first-ever marathon last year.

Timmery cites her daily workout regimen as the difference-maker, not only on marathon day but every day. In her 15 months at the Northwest Lincoln fitness center she’s lost 20 pounds, and gained energy and confidence.

Timmery’s personal-success story started in February 2017, when she accepted a friend’s invitation to join her for a special five-week introductory offer at the North Lincoln Fit Body Boot Camp in Belmont Plaza, 11 th and Cornhusker Highway. She had played volleyball and softball during her high school days in Broken Bow, and wanted to get back into “game shape” and to shed a few pounds.

Three months of boot camp last year gave her the confidence to go beyond the 5-kilometer races she’d run and tackle a half-marathon. 2018 brought continued improvement. “The biggest surprise this year is that the training I did was strictly the boot camp … my preparation wasn’t focused on running.”

Fifteen months after her first boot camp experience, Timmery continues to be a fixture at the 5 a.m. boot camp class each weekday, occasionally stays for a second 30-minute class, and also works out most weekends. After a day of working with preschoolers at the UNL Children’s Center, she often squeezes in some sand volleyball and plays on a coed softball team in the City Parks & Rec program.