North Lincoln FBBC

Ryan Bernt

Ryan Bernt was tired of being overweight and living a sedentary lifestyle. At age 38 and weighing 241 pounds, he decided to join Fit4Lincoln and make a permanent healthy lifestyle change.

“My motivation was that I was overweight and unhealthy,” says Ryan, who had lost 51 pounds as of June 23. “I needed to get back to who I was ten years earlier. I went a lot of years with no exercise and eating unhealthy snacks.”

Ryan began participating in Fit Body Bootcamp classes at the Fit4Lincoln center north of 33rd and A streets on Jan. 10, 2016. Since then, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln paint crew and facilities supervisor has attended the one-hour boot camps every evening after work, Monday through Friday. He also completes a 45-minute Saturday morning workout at Fit4Lincoln.

“I’ve started running, too,” Ryan adds. “I mix in three-mile runs once or twice a week.”

In addition to the workouts, Fit4Lincoln Boot Camp participants log their meals and receive tips from Wendi Mellor at Fit4Lincoln in how make healthier food choices. Ryan also receives dietary assistance from his wife Heather, who chooses a vegan lifestyle. “She steers me in the right direction with healthy cooking and having healthy snacks around,” he says.

Overall, Ryan says his health has vastly improved since he joined Fit4Lincoln in January. “In terms of energy, I am 180 degrees from where I used to be,” he says. “I’m also happy with what I see in the mirror. All the hard work is paying off. I plan to continue working out, because I love it. I can’t imagine not doing it.

“Fit4Lincoln offers exactly what I was looking for,” he adds. “Going to a gym and getting on a treadmill was not for me. The boot camps and cardio exercises are perfect. Fit4Lincoln is exactly what I needed,” he says. “It works for me.”