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Losing Weight, Gaining Confidence at Fit4Lincoln

Roselyne Estrada is being happily reunited with some clothing she hasn’t been able to wear in 20 years. Losing weight has allowed her to rediscover some outfits she’d grown out of years ago.
The 56-year-old Lincoln woman proudly shares a story of lost weight – and restored confidence – since she first entered Fit4Lincoln last spring.

In seven months, she’s lost 57 pounds – and dropped three sizes. She’s grateful for discovering what exercise and a balanced diet can do. She also feels fortunate that gaining all that weight years ago didn’t ultimately cause her to lose hope.

The mother of three and grandmother of eight attributes her transformation to two life-altering moments:

  • The first occurred when her doctor informed her that she was a borderline diabetic. “I have a 15-year-old granddaughter who was born with diabetes, and my grandma was diabetic, so I know what life with diabetes is like.”
  • The second life-altering moment occurred when she saw gym owner Matt Priess’s two fitness centers promoted on Facebook. The ad seemed to have her name on it. She decided to give his south Lincoln gym a try.

“I’d tried weight-loss programs before, but I hadn’t really exercised,” Roselyne reflected. “About a month before I hit the gym, I’d changed my eating habits. That seemed to help, but I knew that I should be doing more.”

Roselyne quickly overcame the intimidation of a gym environment and hit the ground running. Support from both trainers and fellow members helped immensely, she said.

She worked with staff on a slow-but-steady approach of three visits per week. Gym personnel set up a plan that was manageable, challenging her without discouraging her.

Roselyne had planned to accept the gym’s initial six-week challenge, but it didn’t take long to convince her that a one-year gym membership was a healthy choice for a better quality
of life.

“After the initial six-week period, I met with their nutritionist and we set goals,” she recalled. Her goals were simple: to lose weight and to see some improved “numbers” at her next doctor’s appointment. She’s happy to report that both have become reality.

She’s also been pleased by a side benefit: Roselyne wanted to avoid the “withdrawn” look sometimes associated with major weight loss. “It’s been a healthy weight-loss process, and I’m excited by the muscle-toning effect that has come from a combination of proper diet and exercise,” she said.

Her improved condition also gives her more energy at the end of her workday at Lester Electrical-Nebraska Inc., where she is a team leader and a 22-year employee.

She’s excited to be taking charge of her life, happy that she’s doing all she can to be there for her family.