North Lincoln FBBC

Michelle Cox

Yes, the classes offered at Fit4Lincoln and North Lincoln Fit Body Boot Camp are advertised as boot camp classes, but don’t let the label intimidate you.

Michelle Cox was a bit apprehensive when she entered Fit4Lincoln for the first time, but the welcoming, supportive atmosphere erased the stereotype attached to “boot camp.” Her interest was focused on losing weight, not bulking up, and she had “plateaued” on the treadmill and elliptical at her previous fitness center.

She searched for something invigorating and effective. Nine months ago, she found both at owner Matt Priess’s gym north of 33rd and A streets, where the motto is “get in shape – lose the weight.” It wasn’t long before Michelle was experiencing the benefits of both of worlds.

“I went from being unable to do a push-up to doing 80 the ‘guy way’ – on my toes,” says the 47-year-old Lincoln mother of three. And the injuries she’d sustained through workout-related sessions at other gyms became a thing of the past.

She was encouraged by the results she was seeing, and by the words of encouragement she was hearing. “Everyone pulls for each other, and they really care about your success,” she testified. “And when you’re not there, it’s noticed.”

Not that they had to worry about Michelle’s absence very often. She found herself going to the gym 5-to-6 times a week, and when Priess opened a second location at 11th & Cornhusker, she found the new gym convenient to her nearby job site.
After seven months of workout sessions, Michelle had dropped 40 pounds and had gone from a 16-18 pant size to a size 6-8.

The secret to success, she said, is really no secret: it’s a combination of diet and exercise. Priess and his instructors emphasize that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t end the minute you leave the gym.

“They monitor every aspect of your lifestyle, including what you eat and how much,” said Michelle, who advises keeping an accurate log of what you consume.