North Lincoln FBBC

Mary Nolde

Six months ago, Mary Nolde dropped desserts and started a daily regimen of early-morning workouts at the new North Lincoln Fit Body Boot Camp location in the Belmont Plaza, North 11th and Cornhusker Highway. She started rolling out of bed at 4:30 a.m., getting to the gym by 5, and taking two 30-minute, back-to-back classes at Fit4Lincoln owner Matt Priess’s new gym in northwest Lincoln.

Today, she’s lost 27 pounds, dropped 6 pant sizes, and glows when friends remark about her new look. It’s a dramatic change from last October, when her six-month pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. It triggered a severe bout with depression, which led to overeating and poor nutrition decisions.

“I went to the doctor and she wouldn’t prescribe any (weight-loss) medication because I was considered obese,” said the 33-year-old Lincoln woman. The loss of her sixth child was a life-changer, she said. With five children (ages 2 to nearly 11) at home, she decided it was time to take control of her life.

The first decision was to “eliminate the crap,” cutting calorie-laden desserts and eating healthier. The second step was joining North Lincoln Fit Body Boot Camp and embracing the feeling of being a “team member,” she said.

“Knowing that I’m missed when I don’t go is a great incentive to continue the routine,” says Mary, who starts nearly every day at the gym. She also hops on a stationary bike at home, and takes her children on walks.

The results speak for themselves: Having peaked at 193 pounds six months ago, she’s down to 136 pounds, and has gone from a size 13 to a size 6 or 7.

“The last time I was 136 pounds was six years ago,” says Mary, whose goal is to get down to 125. Getting back into shape has been quite an awakening, she reflected. “There was a time when I was a runner, but I hadn’t run in 16 years prior to joining the gym,” she said. “There’s a guy there in his 60s who runs all the time. I knew I had to get my act together.”