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Lori Rennings

There’s nothing magical about Lori Rennings’ physical transformation, but if you’re looking for a quick fix without the sacrifice, you would do well to look elsewhere.

A dedication to workouts and being cognizant of her consumption is a combination that’s paid dividends for the professional educator, whose 24-year teaching career in Lincoln Public Schools has included the past seven years as an English instructor at Lincoln High School.

Rennings has found success through the Fit@50 program at Fit4Lincoln, where a regimen of 3-to-5 workouts each week has contributed to weight loss, a lower body-fat percentage, and improved measurements.

In a seven-week period through May 9, she lost 24 pounds, 26 inches, and lowered her body-fat percentage by 5 percent.

It all started with taking advantage of a Fit4Lincoln promotion last summer, she said. “The school year started and classes got in the way,” she said, “but I got back into the habit after the first of the year.”


Fit4Lincoln appeals to her because of its welcoming, personable environment. “It’s not one of those gyms where everyone’s buff and you’re expected to know how to use all the equipment,” she said. “There’s nothing intimidating or threatening about Fit4Lincoln.”

With the encouragement of Fit4Lincoln owner/trainer Matt Priess, Rennings has become more cognizant of her consumption. A vegetarian since the 1980s, she heeded Priess’ advice to increase her protein intake. Her approach has included sensible meal-planning and minimizing her dining-out schedule.

“I eat breakfast at home, which is important, and I’m more aware of the nutritional content of what I’m eating,” she said. “I do a lot of cooking at home when I have time, so there’s no temptation to settle for something that may be more convenient and less nutritious.”

An active lifestyle complements her nutritional approach. In addition to hitting the gym 3-to-5 times a week, she strives to record 10,000 steps per day, and dances at least once a week, enjoying country dances hosted by Al and Roberta Doeden.

About Fit@50

“Fit at 50 is a tame version of boot camp for people who are either just getting back into working out again, have a sensitive part of the body due to injury, are clinically obese, or just anyone who’s shy about working out in front of other people,” says Priess.