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Loni Brown

A change in Loni Brown’s lifestyle has led to a change in her appearance.

In the last year or two, she’d lost her youthful figure. She says too many parties led to unwanted pounds and a lack of desire to do anything about it.

Frequently driving by the Fit4Lincoln center in her neighborhood, she saw the fitness facility as a visible reminder that the path to the size-2 body she enjoyed not long ago could still be within reach.

She tipped the scales at 154 pounds and was a size 8 when she checked into Fit4Lincoln last March. In a Sept. 21 phone interview, Loni said she weighed 124 pounds and was reunited with her size-2 wardrobe.

“I was small and skinny and I wanted to get back to that size,” she said. She said goodbye to the frequent parties and the subsequent hangovers, and hello to 5 a.m. Fit Body Boot Camp classes. She also discarded her fast-food consumption and replaced it with lots of water, zero-calorie drinks, and a high intake of fruit and veggies.

As the pounds began to drop and the toning started to take shape, it became apparent that the workouts were working. She was among the first to report to the gym for the 30-minute workout at 5 a.m., and she stuck around for a second 30-minute workout beginning at 5:35 a.m.

“It’s pretty intensive, high-energy stuff that keeps you moving,” Loni says in describing the cardio, lifting, and toning exercises. “I try to compete with the others in the class … it’s a fun atmosphere where everyone works together.”

Starting the day at the gym 5-6 days per week is a great start to her day job as a manager for Cleaning Ninjas. She’s proud to have regained the figure she once had, and is thankful for having checked out the gym she’d driven past so many times before.