North Lincoln FBBC

Lindsey Rodriguez

Lindsey Rodriguez was never a big fan of weight-loss plans, but when her mother suggested considering a six-week challenge at the North Lincoln Fit Body Boot Camp, her immediate reaction was: What’s one more?

The daughter’s previous track record had consisted of two different gyms and a diet program. None lasted more than a month.

But when Lisa Dailey of Lincoln was perusing Facebook and came across a six-week trial offer at the northwest Lincoln gym, she encouraged Lindsey to give it a try. The daughter heeded her mom’s suggestion. After all, it was her mother’s advice that led Lindsey to a job in 2012 at Nelnet, where she is a supervisor today.

One day after work in October 2017, she followed her mom’s suggestion and checked out Priess’s gym in the Belmont Plaza, 11th & Cornhusker Hwy. Her first impression mirrored what she experienced in other gyms – “pretty intimidating, seeing members doing their burpees,” she said. But she soon found comfort and reassurance in her initial discussion with Priess.

“I’ve wrestled with my weight since middle school,” said the 2007 Lincoln North Star High School graduate, “so I didn’t feel there would be any harm in talking about what I needed to do,” she said.

All gyms say they care about their members, but there was sincerity in Priess’s voice that resonated with the first-time visitor. “He asked me why I was motivated to be involved, and he offered to help me make that happen,” Lindsey reflected. “I liked the sound of that.”

Working out on a regular basis and taking the gym’s nutritional counseling to heart, the gym newcomer began to shed pounds and drop clothing sizes.

Meal preparation also began to impact other members of the Rodriguez household. “My husband (Larry) also needs to lose weight, and our kids (Delanie, 6, and Myles, 1) need balanced diets, too, so we’re all benefiting from the modified meal plans.”

Accountability is also a key ingredient in the fitness center’s nutritional approach. “Through my Fitness Pal app, I log everything, and they measure areas such as protein and carb intake,” said Lindsey.

After 10 months of workouts (4-to-5 classes per week) and a modified food plan, the proof is in the pudding. In a July 27 phone interview, Lindsey said she’s lost 30 pounds, wears medium- and large-sized blouses, and dropped two pant sizes. The 29-year-old Lincoln woman no longer needs to wander to the “plus-size” section of the clothing store.

Her goal is to dip to 160 pounds – and to stay there. She has 30 pounds to go in her weight-loss journey.

The gym’s nutritional guidance has changed the way she looks at food. “It’s not really dieting as much as it’s awareness of what you’re consuming,” she asserted.

Case in point: a recent trip to enjoy a soft taco at her favorite Mexican eatery didn’t deliver the satisfaction that it once did. “After a few bites, I looked at the unhealthy ingredients and all the grease. I thought, ‘Yuck, this is gross!’ It really has changed the way I look at food.”