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Jody Kellas

In search of fun and fitness, college professor Jody Kellas had tried several fitness clubs, but none quite measured up … until she found the perfect fit at Fit4Lincoln.

A resident of the Woods Park neighborhood until recently, she found herself driving by the gym north of 33rd and A streets and was intrigued by its boot-camp group classes. She sought some relief from a work schedule filled with stress and structure.

One day in July 2015, she decided to check out the nearby gym. The short drive has been a long-term solution. Her decision to give Fit4Lincoln a try has been a life-changing experience. An unexpected bonus has been less back pain.

“The exercise I receive at the Boot Camp classes has strengthened my core, and allowed me to lose weight,” says the busy 43-year-old mother of two, who has worked the past 13 years in the Department of Communication Studies at UNL. Three days a week, she starts her day with the 6:10 a.m. class at Fit4Lincoln.

In the past 16 months at Fit4Lincoln she has managed to reach her weight-loss goal of 40 pounds and drop four pant sizes. She’s blended sensible eating habits with regular exercise. “Actually, the weight came off in the first nine months or so,” she said, “and I’ve been able to keep it off.”

When she and her husband decided recently to move to a home in Southeast Lincoln, moving was made a bit easier due to her weight loss. “Confident that I can keep the weight off, I was able to pitch clothing that no longer fit,” she reported. “Instead of packing the larger clothing, I was able to get rid of it.”