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Jennifer Linares

After a five-year hiatus, Jennie Linares returned four months ago to the gym where she’d had success in the past: Fit4Lincoln.

As a registered nurse who counsels patients about the benefits of exercise and proper nutrition, she feels obligated to practice what she preaches. Five years ago, she liked the results she was seeing and was confident in her professional role as an ambassador of good health.

But when life changes caused her to drop her Fit4Lincoln membership, the excuses – and the pounds – began to pile up. The self-confidence corded; guilt took its place.

It was a time in her life when the married mother of three sons (currently ages 17 through 24) found herself taking care of those around her and not putting herself first.

“When you’re working in a hospital and advising patients, you’ve got to live a healthy lifestyle and look the part,” said Jennie, a registered nurse at Bryan Health East and a 14-year veteran of the nursing profession.

“I’d kept a second gym membership, where I was lifting weights on my own,” she reflected, “but I didn’t have a sense of fulfillment. At the other gym, I found I was on my own, with no one there to push me unless I invested in a personal trainer.”

Jennie, who had trimmed 30 pounds off her 5-foot- 4 frame during her initial six-month stint at Fit4Lincoln, found herself back at Square One. Roughly four months ago, a friend talked Jennie into taking advantage of a free two-week trial to return to Fit4Lincoln.

Grateful for trainers who push her a bit beyond her comfort zone, Jennie is back to feeling good about herself again, and the nutritional analysis at Fit4Lincoln has her eating sensibly. Working 12-hour shifts three days a week at Bryan East, she hits the Fit4Lincoln gym on her days off.

“I thought I could do it on my own, but it was at a gym where you receive little direction,” she said. “The structure and encouragement I get at Fit4Lincoln has put me back on track.”