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Jared Larkin

Dramatic physical changes require life-changing decisions.

About a year ago, Jared Larkin was at a crossroads: Take steps to improve his health, or accept the consequences. A doctor’s office visit revealed his blood pressure was nearing a point where medications were in order, and signs suggested diabetes could be in his future.

Jared took the first big step last year when he went on Facebook and publicly declared he was going to try to lose weight. He embarked on an avid walking program that shed between 30 and 40 pounds from his 436-pound frame.

That was a start, but Jared knew he had to turn it up a notch if he wanted to continue to climb the mountain. A visit to Fit4Lincoln, 1359 S. 33rd St., was about to change his life.

“I liked the accountability of going to a gym where people truly care about your health and where your absence is noted, unlike walking on your own,” he said, “yet I didn’t feel the intimidation factor that you associate with most gyms. The trainers there cater to your own pace and take into account what you’re capable of doing. They make modify exercises to the level of each member, and their approach to safety helps minimize the risk of injury.”

Five months since entering the doors of Fit4Lincoln, Jared has cut another 40 pounds off his frame. His self-improvement program has some built-in rewards, such as a new set of golf clubs when he’s cut 100 pounds overall.

He starts most weekdays with a 30-minute workout at 5 a.m. before leaving for work at Crete Carrier, where he works in the company’s Operations Department. The 33-year-old Lincolnite is 76 pounds lighter than he was last October and is setting his sights on a 200-pound loss overall. He’s dropped four pant sizes in the process. He’s pleased that he’s taken the initiative to increase his odds of being there to watch his two children (ages 5 and 3) grow up.