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Hanna Malcom

Hanna Malcom always associated fitness centers with an indifferent, “you’re-on-your-own” attitude. She felt awkward around unfamiliar fitness machines, and equally uneasy about having to ask for help.
But when she learned of Fit4Lincoln’s special introductory offer last January, she decided to start her new year with a new gym. She was delighted to discover that not all gyms leave their new members roaming aimlessly from one unfamiliar machine to the next. The instructors at Fit4Lincoln not only taught her how to effectively and safely use their equipment, they actually followed up to see if she had any questions.
The welcoming atmosphere, from both staff and fellow members, removed the stereotype and ignited her enthusiasm. The more she enjoyed the workout, the harder she worked, and the better she felt. Eight months later, she’d lost 20 pounds. “It would’ve been more like losing 35 pounds had it not been for the 15 pounds of muscle that I added,” she said.
“I wanted to get back the ‘pre-baby body’ I once had,” says Hanna, the mother of an 18-month-old daughter. “I was able to do that at Fit4Lincoln.”
The visits to other gyms and her at-home workouts never felt this good, said the 23-year-old massage therapist at Empowered Healing, 2713 N. 48th St.
“It’s nice to have the motivation and the guidance,” said Hanna, a regular at the 5 a.m. and 5:35 a.m. classes at the Fit4Lincoln location north of 33rd and A streets. “The instructors are very helpful and supportive. Their personalized approach allows members to get the benefits of a personal trainer without the added expense of paying for one.”
Hanna is expecting her second child in January. She’s discontinued her workouts in early September at the recommendation of her doctor. After the baby’s arrival and the doctor’s approval, she’ll be back at Fit4Lincoln.