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Is it possible to have fun and exercise at the same time — especially when approaching age 50?

Members of Fit4Lincoln’s Fit@50 class answer that question with a resounding “Yes!”

This group of exercisers ranging in age from 40-75 is achieving a goal of improving their health and fitness, while having fun in what has become a family-like atmosphere at Fit4Lincoln, located just north of 33rd and A streets.

Specially-designed class
Fit@50, an exercise class offered three times a week, is specially designed for people 50 years of age or older, although some who attend are much younger.

This class is a tame version of boot camp for people who are either just getting back into exercising, have a sensitive part of the body due to injury, are clinically obese, or just anyone who is shy about working out in front of other people.

Fit4Lincoln owner Matt Priess says this generation of adults can be intimidated by 20-year-olds when working out in a gym. At Fit@50 classes, he says the intimidation factor is non-existent.

“They [Fit@50 class members] are here for the right reasons – to be fit and strong as they get older,” says Priess. The 45-minute classes combine strength, cardio, core work and flexibility. Modification options are provided for those with injuries or other limitations.

Losing pounds and gaining friends
Kim Smith has attended Fit@50 classes for over a year. She originally joined because it was a class geared toward her age group. Over the last 10 months Smith has lost 60 pounds.

She wasn’t in good shape when she started, and although the classes were challenging, Smith says the trainers helped modify the movements according to what she could handle. “As the pounds came off it got easier,” she says.

“I have so much more energy,” says Smith, who is currently training for her first half-marathon.

She also attributes her success to Fit4Lincoln’s nutritional advice that helped her control her calories and improve her eating habits.

According to Smith, the Fit@50 group has become like a family and they look forward to seeing each other at class.

Encouraging each other
Stan Eisentrager and Don Fischer both started attending Fit@50 classes over a year ago.

“I wanted to lose some weight and be able to climb the stairs without huffing and puffing,” says Fischer.

Both have reaped the benefits of regular exercise including more energy, stronger and toned muscles, looser clothing and weight loss.

“You feel better when you get on a regular exercise program,” says Eisentrager. “When you miss a week from vacation or illness, you can really feel it,” he adds.

They agree that the unexpected benefit has been the friendship and camaraderie gained through the class. Everyone is welcoming and encouraging, and they enjoy celebrating each other’s success. Fischer says this fun environment makes the class time go by quickly.