North Lincoln FBBC

Deb Dickson

Reading about how inactivity can lead to loss of muscle mass and decreased balance as we age, Deb Dickson became determined to do something about her own situation. Having retired last year after 30-plus years at a desk job and staring at a computer, she decided it was time to get in shape.

She’d read about Fit4Lincoln and decided to give it a try. What especially appealed to the former military member was the fitness center’s emphasis on “boot camp” classes.

Stopping by the Fit4Lincoln center north of 33rd and A streets, the ex-military member was pleased that the boot camp came with all the health benefits – without all the yelling!

“People at the Fit4Lincoln classes were much nicer than the boot camp sessions I remember,” mused Deb, a member of the U.S. Navy from 1977-84, followed by a 16-year stint in the reserves.

An added incentive for the 61-year-old Lincoln woman was observing her 95-year-old mother participating in aerobics classes at her senior center.

Pursuing an active lifestyle as she started her retirement years last August, she found the perfect solution at Fit4Lincoln. The variety of the workouts and the encouraging atmosphere combined to create a rewarding experience, she said.

“At Fit4Lincoln, you’re not jumping on a machine and staring at a TV for a half-hour,” she observed. “And if you’re using the equipment incorrectly, they’re quick to point it out, in a nice way, to make sure you get the benefits without risking injury.”

Going to the gym 5 to 6 times per week, she likes the encouraging atmosphere at Fit4Lincoln. She also likes the comments about how she’s missed on days when she’s not there.

And with the convenient class schedule at Fit4Lincoln, the newly-retired woman can sleep in, arrive by 10 a.m. to catch a 30-minute class, and leave feeling refreshed and energized. She’s proud to report that in 10 months she’s lost 35 pounds, dropped at least four clothing sizes, and enjoys improved balance.