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Brandon Kibbe

Brandon Kibbe always knew that effective weight loss was a combination of a regular exercise program and proper nutrition. But it wasn’t until he enrolled at the North Lincoln Fit Body Boot Camp that it began to make sense. Cutting back on the carbs, he’s heeded the nutritional advice of his trainers.

Exercise has been a big part of his life since he peaked at 280 pounds about 10 years ago. But when he decided to ramp up his workout regimen to include an after-work session in February 2017, two results became crystal clear to him: (1) a 30-minute workout can be really effective when it’s done correctly at a high-intensity level, and (2) proper nutrition can be just as important as exercise.

He began to make those discoveries 10 months ago at North Lincoln Fit Body Boot Camp, which combines high-intensity workouts with nutritional analysis. “I needed that … that’s what was missing,” said Brandon, whose daytime job as a contractor at Nebraska Service Center is sandwiched between a self-directed morning workout at another gym and the after-work session at owner Matt Priess’s gym in the Belmont Plaza, 11th & Cornhusker Highway.

“Exercise always came natural to me, but so did eating everything in front of me,” he said. A second serving of potatoes and a half-dozen slices of bread at mealtime have been replaced by more sensible food choices. “Carb-counting has been huge for me,” he said. “Before, if it was in front of me, I ate it.”

The tale at the scale has been pretty dramatic: Brandon has gone from 196 pounds to 172 pounds in his 10 months at North Lincoln Fit Body Boot Camp. He also maintains his self-directed morning workouts at another gym, where he grabs his headphones and settles into a more relaxed cardiovascular approach.

Brandon’s success has had a ripple effect in the Kibbe household. His wife, Megan, has joined him for the evening sessions at North Lincoln Fit Body Boot Camp.