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Angelia Onuoha

Angelia Onuoha was looking for a results-driven fitness center that offered a convenient location, an effective workout, a fun environment, and a class time that could accommodate her busy schedule. She found all of that — and more — at Fit4Lincoln, north of 33rd and A streets.

Starting the day with a 5 a.m. class might not be for everyone, but it fit what she was seeking and set a positive tone to start the day when she enrolled in January 2015.

The 46-year-old Lincoln woman signed up for the fitness center’s introductory six-week challenge and quickly embraced the gym’s supportive atmosphere. She was also encouraged by what she saw on the scale.

“I was looking for results, and I saw them immediately,” said Angelia, who extended her gym membership when her six-week challenge period expired in mid-February of last year. “I wanted to lose weight and get in shape.”

About 14 months later, she’s happy to report that she’s lost 60 pounds. Her ultimate goal is to shed another 40 pounds. She’s dropped 6-to-7 pant sizes in the process and has enjoyed a greater energy level and a more restful sleeping pattern.

“The benefits of better health have really trickled into every aspect of my life,” she confirmed.

The classes have been such a great fit for the paralegal that she’s picked up the pace and finds herself going to the gym 4-to-6 times a week. With all the workouts scheduled for 30 minutes and held in a group-class setting, you’ll find a time that works for you and an enthusiastic, supportive environment in which members encourage each other. You’ll be in and out, and on your way to a better day.