North Lincoln FBBC

Aisha Priess

Aisha Priess has been active all her life. She has always played sports and even played soccer at Nebraska Wesleyan University for four years.

At the end of her senior season as a Prairie Wolf, Priess was sidelined with stress fractures in both femurs. She couldn’t do any weight-bearing exercise for nine months.

While waiting for her legs to heal, Preiss struggled and gained weight. “It was hard because I was used to being super active,” she says. Once she was cleared for activity, Preiss played roller derby to keep in shape.

A new workout
After three years on the rink, she looked for a new workout and found Fit4Lincoln. The workouts combining strength training, cardio and core strength training were new to her and something her body wasn’t used to.

That first week of classes made Priess realize she wasn’t in as good of shape as she thought. She continued attending classes, enjoying the challenge of pushing herself and working to increase the amount of weight she could handle.

Priess appreciates the 30-minute length of the bootcamp workouts. She says the Fit4Lincoln welcoming atmosphere and friendship with other members make it easy to keep coming back.

Soon she started noticing changes in body. Her muscle tone improved and she lost weight — even dropping a few clothing sizes. “I think I was in better shape than when I played soccer,” admits Priess.

Baby Fitness
Priess recently had a new baby. Keeping fit while pregnant was a whole new challenge. She learned to modify her workouts and was able to continue classes for five months into her pregnancy.

Her newborn recently turned four months old. In early April, her doctor gave her the OK to start exercising again. “I started classes the day I got cleared,“ she says.

Priess only has a few more pounds of baby weight to lose and is determined to get her body strong, healthy and back into shape at Fit4Lincoln.