North Lincoln FBBC


Certified Personal & Group Fitness Trainer
Waller got into fitness and health because he was heavy as a kid and was following the footsteps of his father and family. Everyone on his fathers side of the family has struggled with weight/diabetes and other health related issues. In early high school Walker decided to make a change for the better!
Along with wanting to make a change to simply live better he also got into wrestling and still wrestles for Concordia University at this time! Wrestling requires very physical and demanding exercise and strict eating. Walker’s change for fitness and health has helped him push further into ┬áhis wrestling career and excel in his sport.
At Concordia University Walker is currently studying fitness and pursing a double major in coaching and wrestling. As Walker started to pursue this field he knew he needed to work in a field related setting and upon many attempt – Fit4Lincoln became home! As soon as Walker taught his first class he fell in love! Walker loves fitness training and in the future would love to personal train and open a multipurpose gym for wrestling, lifting and other activities.