North Lincoln FBBC


Tae-woo wasn’t always the health/fit guy. He was a little doughy when he was younger, but eventually grew out of that phase and started playing sports and decided to lead an active lifestyle. He didn’t get into serious weight lifting until high school and has continuously sought out new ways to improve his health and exercise background.

He enrolled at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, majoring in Nutrition, Exercise and Health Science. Got his Bachelor’s degree and is finishing up his Master’s in the same field. He’s been involved in many different types of exercise: body building, high intensity, group fitness, CrossFit, cycling, etc. and plans to further his experience in the fitness industry.

He is an ACSM certified personal trainer, ACE certified group fitness instructor and a Keiser certified cycling instructor. He has been with a lot of clients with different backgrounds and being exposed to multiple aspects of training has been beneficial in welcoming new ideas into his fitness background. His mantra is “Smile. Be positive. Make someone’s day.” You can bet on him to always being positive and goofy, so you’re guaranteed to have a blast when he’s around!