North Lincoln FBBC


Kyle Minchow has loved being active ever since he was a kid. Growing up he played football, basketball, track, and baseball. When Kyle got to high school he continued to play sports and started focusing on learning different ways to improve his fitness and performance on the field.

Kyle began lifting consistently his junior year of high school in order to play sports at a higher level. It wasn’t until his senior year that he found his new passion of bodybuilding. Over the past 3 years, Kyle has taken many different courses to educate him on fitness and nutrition for his major in community health and wellness. His passion for giving back to the community has helped him at personal training with Fit4Lincoln.
Kyle is currently enrolled at the University of Nebraska Lincoln and is also the captain of the UNL rugby team and participates in the UNL barbell club. Kyle is also beginning to prepare to compete in his first bodybuilding competition in the summer of 2019. This competitive side of Kyle makes him a great motivator and persistent in helping others improve their lives one day at a time.