North Lincoln FBBC


Certified Personal & Group Fitness Trainer
Jeremy has had health and wellness as a part of his life for as long as he could remember. He grew up playing every sport he could get his hands on. He found himself being undersized for football and didn’t want to be held back from doing well playing in high school. That is when he caught the fitness bug and loved that all you have to do is work hard and eat right and you can change your body for the better.
    Through high school, Jeremy dabbled in many sports but focused on football and track. He ran a short career of track in college which was ended prematurely from an injury. He studies at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. He studied Nutrition, Exercise Health Sciences for his undergrad and is now working on finishing his Masters of Business this coming fall.
    Jeremy is a certified personal trainer, with a passion of helping people reach their fitness goals. He specializes in High Intensity Interval Training for optimal muscle building and fat loss. Working out and staying fit is huge in his daily life, anything from weight lifting, running, playing sports, or participating in bootcamp.  Jeremy said: “The great thing about bootcamps is the community aspect of working together through tough workouts towards your fitness goals, but also creating relationships along the way”.