North Lincoln FBBC

Group Fitness

Have you tried doing a workout video ‘in the comfort of your own home’, only to find yourself sitting on the couch after just a few minutes of watching? This is where Fit4Lincoln’s group fitness comes in!

Our group fitness classes are designed to provide a comfortable place for everyone. You will find yourself sweating next to others who will become your friends and your motivators. (You won’t find these people in your living room while attempting to do that video.) But don’t worry, our classes aren’t like traditional classes led by a whistle-blowing-army-fatigue-wearing-screaming instructor. That’s not us. You’ll work hard, but we keep the atmosphere light, comfortable, and non-intimidating. We are much more apt to be cracking jokes than blowing a whistle or pretending we are a drill sergeant.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp fitness sessions are for those of you who don’t have a lot time but need results fast. This session is full of fat burning muscle enhancing exercises.

Designed for both men and women the program consists of weight training, cardiovascular exercises and core strengthening. A small group environment. The workout will typically includes: Push Ups, Plyometrics, Interval Training, Squats, Burpees, and abdominal strengthening. This workout does it ALL!!! Results Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Total Body Fire

This class is specially designed for a total body burn out: We individualize each muscle group with an array of different movements using a high rep and low weight combination. Working each muscle group from 5-7 minutes each, using this high rep low weight combo - we get deeper into muscle fibers. This in turn develops more ton and definition verse building bulk!


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